Oh heyyyyy there! I am a self-confessed love hustler, a wife to Toby and mumma to Ruby Rose, and twin boys, Dusty & Chase. I am all about bringing real feels to unique moments: from being a love stalker; awful flower pinner aka flower stabber to massive foodie who creates marriage recipes that leave you hungry.

You could say that your journey with me will be one to remember! I put my heart and soul into making your moment 100% reflective of you as a couple.  I am here to support, guide, be the voice of reason, shoulder to cry on, happy hour drinking buddy or just someone to call and know I have your back. Your moment is about you two as a couple and I am there to remind you of this: Your Day, Your Moment, Your Marriage. When it comes to your ceremony just know that it will be filled with plenty of love, laughter, real and true words that celebrate two humans who have found the one person they want to love and annoy everyday they possibly can, whilst taking on this rollercoaster ride we call ‘life’ hand in hand. I am not going to lie, sometimes my marriage recipes can go all sorts of wrong (think Taco’s) but they will be one to remember and bring plenty of memories filled with laughter.

If I’m not marrying humans, you will find me in the kitchen whipping up a crowd pleaser dinner or a fresh cocktail for my friends or down at the beach with the sea breeze in my hair (but not the glamorous model look more the frazzled mother look who thinks a pair of funky earrings can attempt to put me in the semi glamourous model look category)…. with an epic cheeseboard, G&T and tunes playing with the odd screaming child adding to the atmosphere, I would say #winningatlife. Besides having the biggest smile ever, trust me I have been told by a fair few children and let’s be honest kids never lie, I truly love being part of couples amazing moments. So let’s make your marriage more awesome than your wedding day, lets create a marriage.

What you can expect from me
  • A truly awesome and unique ceremony crafted just for you. I don’t send you drafts, I get to know you both as individuals, as a couple and your ideas on marriage. I find the perfect balance and vibe creating a ceremony that allows you on the day to simply just enjoy moment, be present in the moment and have those real and true laughs and tears with your favourite human( I am all about fun filled moments).
  • I am all for writing your own vows and I am here to help you every step of the way with my epic vow writing skills.
  • All the legal paperwork completed for you.
  • If we can’t meet face to face, then let’s skype or facetime.
  • You can email me anytime with any crazy and wonderful questions.
  • If you have a certain themed wedding with dress requirements, I will try my best to work in with it.
  • An awesome wireless PA system with iPod connectivity to play music through.