Your wedding day is truly unique to you, my job is to make sure that you have the exact ceremony you and your partner in crime want and that can be short and sweet, a little in between or something a little longer. There is no rule in my books as to how long or short you have to have your ceremony. The only rule I have is that the ceremony represents your love story, has as much fun and laughter as you would like, and encompasses all the you believe a marriage is about.

What you can expect from me
  • A truly awesome ceremony that is written just for you and represents you both until your hearts are content.
  • A forever helping hand along the way because weddings are crazy, overwhelming and it is always nice to know that someone who is in the industry can take some of the load off and walk you through everything.
  • All the legal paperwork and certificates completed for you.
  • As many meetings as you like, generally we will have one meeting to get to know one another and for me to get some information from you (certain documents such as birth certificate, passport/drivers licence) and fill in paperwork. From here any other meetings are generally to go over the ceremony and sometimes to just hang out and have a coffee because we can.
  • If we can’t meet face to face, then let’s skype or facetime.
  • You can email me anytime with any crazy and wonderful questions and I will endeavour to respond asap.
  • An onsite rehearsal usually the day before the ceremony.
  • Printed cards with your vows to read from if you choose.
  • One stylish dressed young Celebrant who will always check that there is no colour you would not like to see me dressed in so that I don’t ruin those beautiful photos (trust me if you don’t like hot pink then make sure you tell your celebrant because those photos with the pop of pink here and there will haunt you forever….slightly exaggerated but true).
  • If you have a certain themed wedding with dress requirements I will try my best to work in with it.
  • An awesome wireless PA system with iPod connectivity
  • I will be at your ceremony early to set-up, have a mingle with guests and make sure everything runs smoothly and then will be there to the end to make sure your certificate is passed onto someone who won’t misplace it and finally snap a selfie with the happy couple if you allow me to before leaving you to party, party, party.